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How to be happy in life: The ultimate guide


Being happy is state of mind and some of the happiest people on the planet are financially poor but emotionally rich.

There are many ways to achieve happiness and the overwhelming majority of these ways are simple and easy to do!

Check out some of these simple and easy to follow tips:


Change your State of Mind!

Happiness and how to be happy means different things to different people.  But doing things to change your state of mind can make YOU feel great! You could try:

  • Jumping on the bed (don’t let the kids see you!)
  • Get a belly full of your favourite food
  • Sing your favourite happy cheesy song really loudly
  • Write an inspiration quote on the mirror, on the cabinet or anywhere you know you will look often
  • Poke your tongue out at someone when you’re driving
  • Do some thing nice for someone you don’t know

Be Grateful!

Gratitude and being grateful has been scientifically proven to improve happiness and improve your mood!  Grab a pen and some paper and write down all the things you are grateful to have in your life.  You’ll be surprised just how many things there are.  Being grateful will:



  • Improve your relationships: Think about how you feel when the people you love the most tell you how appreciative they are of you……  Being grateful of your loved ones goes a long way to strengthen your relationships and stronger relationships mean a happier you!
  • Give more of what you want: Heard about the law of attraction?  Well the trick is focusing on what you are most grateful for you will begin to attract these things to you!
  • Reduce negativity: You can’t do positive and negative at the same time, so while you’re busy being positive your negativity levels will drastically reduce!


Love Yourself!

Everyone deserves to be loved, but it has to start with you. If you love yourself others will be forced to recognise your inner beauty. Most people are attracted to the light and by loving yourself you provide this light to others.

Take a deep breath, accept all of yourself, make amends if you need to and start afresh. Love yourself.


Be Optimistic

This is some thing that isn’t given anywhere near enough credit in these hectic modern time we are living in.

When someone asks you if you’ve had a good day smile and give a positive reply.  If you don’t feel positive or optimistic right away, that’s fine! Fake it till you feel it!




Learn Something New

A lot of people leave school and have never attempted to try to learn anything else that interests them.  The sense of accomplishment gained from learning and conquering new things is not only great for brain function but also great for increasing happiness levels!

Learning doesn’t have to involve enrolling in a class, instead you could:

  • Every day, read a chapter of a book just for fun
  • Decide to become an expert in a specialized topic and begin collecting (and reading) books on the subject
  • Every weekend, discover a new area near where you live
  • Subscribe to a newspaper or a periodical of special interest
  • Join an internet discussion group devoted to a topic that you think might be interesting



Smiling has been proven to lift your mood whether you feel good or not! Smile more often and at people you don’t know, smiling is infectious and you will find that 99% of people will smile back. So you would have passed a little bit of happiness on to them.





I’ve listed a couple of my of my favourite books that I find absolutely inspirational.  I find these always give me a pick up and put me back on to my happy path.

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living by the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler is one of my personal favourites!

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