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I’ve created this site to allow me to share with you what I call my happiness tool box.  Inside my tool box is a number of techniques I’ve been using to boost my happiness levels on a daily basis.

More often than not the quest for happiness (some thing that we all deserve) is put on the back burner. Our modern lives leave us exhausted, drained and weighed down with unfulfilled expectations.  The un-rewarding struggle which was my life left me wondering: “what is the point?!”

While pursuing my own personal happiness I’ve used my excellent research skills to uncover the most up-to-date, scientifically proven methods for boosting happiness and well-being.  I’ve also pestered psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors for information on treating depression, anxiety and the best ways to boost well-being.

When I began putting my happiness tool box together I found the concept of happiness baffling – after all what is happiness?

I’ve come to the conclusion that happiness is different for everyone but getting there can be universal.  But bringing the desire for your own happiness in line with your other worldly desires helps a lot. Its helped me – so I’d like to share my journey with you, enjoy :)

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