Affirmations – The power of positive thinking!

Affirmations are positive statements that are said in present tense, highly charged and personal to you.  They can aid spiritual wellness, help to focus the mind on a desired state of being and rewire your subconscious. 

They can be adopted by anyone and used at any time. But it helps if the affirmation is short simple and relates specially to you.

Essentially if you can visualize it you can make it happen – the ultimate aim is to repeat it over and over until it is engrained in your subconscious mind.  You can write it down, say it to yourself out loud or privately, do whatever works for you.

But you must get behind your affirmation 100% and actually believe what you are telling yourself, this will make your affirmations powerful and effective.

Make your affirmations a specific and meaningful to you as possible.  The best way to achieve this is to formulate your own.  Think about the person you want to be or the thing you want to achieve and go from there – visualize that person or that moment when you achieve victory.  What does that person look like, what are they doing?  What does that victorious moment feel like, who is there what would it mean to you?  This does require a little thought but after that you’re good to go!

Work at your affirmations day-by-day, think of it as a marathon not a quick fix – but every effective.  Give it a go!

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