Boost self confidence!

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8 Tips to improving self-confidence and self-esteem!

1. Groom yourself & dress well

When I look good I feel good and there’s a lot to be said for the way you present yourself and the way it makes you feel. When you look good and feel good it boosts your confidence! Being well groomed and well dressed also affects the way people perceive you, not only will you be more attractive, people in general are more likely to view you more favorably!

Now this doesn’t mean spending loads of money on clothes just take care of the ones you have and be mindful of the little things.  For example guys: make sure you have a shave and girls: make sure hair and nails are well kept. Easy peasy

2. Smile!

Simple, trite but effective! Smile at someone you don’t know, people will always smile back, it’ll probably make their day! It’ll also put a genuine smile on yours.  Having someone return your smile will boost your confidence.

3. Think positively!

Sounds trivial but thinking positively does no end of good for your confidence and your wellbeing! Tell yourself you can do things instead of letting negative thoughts crop up and ruin the parade. When you tell yourself you can, you’ll be surprise at what you’ll manage to achieve.

4. Kill negative thoughts!

Tell that gremlin on your shoulder to be quiet, banish it to the naughty step and leave it there.  Not enough attention is given to exiling negative thoughts, they can ruin self esteem and keep confidence low.

Next time when you catch yourself saying things like: “There’s no way I will be able to run 13 miles” or “I wont be able to keep up, I’ll be a laughing stock” nip it in the bud and replace it with a positive thought like (sounds simple but)“If I try I will be able to run that half marathon.”

5. Work out!

Exercise? Really? Yep! Works wonders, if you haven’t exercised in while in a think back to when you did.  All those endorphins rushing through your body it makes you feel great.  Abundant Endorphins will increase happiness and sense of wellbeing and all these things go a long way to improving confidence!

6. Strike out on your own!

Ever been to the cinema on your own? No, well try it! Do some thing on your own that you wouldn’t have even considered. Go to an art gallery, go to a restaurant!

Sounds like a toughy eh?  Well by doing this you’ll arm yourself with the confidence to act independently when you don’t have the security of friends or family to support you! Although it might feel a bit “unusual” at first you’ll be surprised how fluffed up and confident you’ll feel afterwards.  Ultimately your confidence will score major points!

7. Be prepared

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin. Do you have a business presentation that is keeping you up at night? There is nothing better hen being prepared.

Being prepared and being armed with the answers to what is worrying you will give you the confidence you need to sail through.

It doesn’t have to be work or business related either, for example if you’re meeting your potential in-laws for the first time prepare.  Find out what they like, what they don’t like, what would be good to take as a gift.  Small things like this will boost your confidence!

8. Set a small goal and achieve it

Now this doesn’t have to be a major task, it can be some thing small, like getting up ten minutes earlier or tidying that spare room that you have been putting off for ages.

When you complete a task it gives you a sense of accomplishment and this is superb for building confidence.

Once you have achieved a goal set anther one, little by little keep achieving things and keep note of what you’ve done.  After a while you will you feel really good about yourself and what you’ve been able to achieve!

For even MORE GUIDES and your FREE REPORT “7 keys to a happier more successful you” sign up to our free newsletter!

How to boost confidence quickly!

I’ve tried to boost my confidence with counselling and all manner of self help books.  Some worked some didn’t but what I have found is that implementing easy to follow tips and making things as easy as possible often means that your goals are easier to achieve!

In desperation I tried a mild form of hypnosis by listening to subliminal messages.  I put the track on my iPod at night (you cant hear anything because it plays at a high frequency, so it wont keep you awake) and the messages drive down into your subconscious, the largest part of your entire mind, think of an iceberg! And it repeats messages like:

  • I am confident
  • I am a naturally confident person
  • Confidence comes naturally to me
  • I am growing more and more confident every day
  • I am confident within myself
  • I have a deep level of in-built confidence
  • I am outgoing and confident in social situations
  • I am confident at all times
  • I am confident in all situations
  • I am confident and outgoing in all areas of my life

Having these messages played to me helped me to truly accept myself, stop me from holding back and helped me realise my potential!  Ultimately confidence is a state of mind and if you acquire the state of mind, behavioural patterns that confident people have then you will be confident too!

It felt like the messages rewired my thought processes and made me see things differently. I became one of those outgoing, tackle things head on kind of person and I never thought I would feel that way about myself!

When I first started listening to the tracks I felt energised, excited and motivated  and I felt like I could do anything!

There’s loads of research out there on the effects of audio subliminal messaging and it’s really been growing in popularity over the last 18 months mostly due to the recommendations from some of the world’s leading self-help personalities including speakers from the hit movie “The Secret” such as Dr Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor and John Assaraf.

Really the best thing to do is to try it for yourself! It’s a quick and easy way to boost all the other methods you use to boost your confidence! Give it a go

Boost Self Confidence

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