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How 2: Get motivated and stay motivated

In a slump, uninspired, unmotivated?
Some times life gets in the way of the goals we set our selves but we can fight back and claw back our personal glory!

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” – Goethe

I’ve trawled through heaps of information and have put together a list of the best tips to staying motivated.

These tips go hand in hand with ensuring that you can stay focused on achieving a little bit more happiness!  Achieving our goals definitely give us a couple of quid to put in the happiness bank!  Feel free to check out my quick happiness tips section!

1.    Get a clear idea of what you want to achieve!
What do you want do? Is it running your first 5k race, getting up a little earlier, committing to getting fit or shedding those last 10 pounds?

What ever it is make sure you 100% know what your end goal is, fuzziness only opens it up to procrastination and the f word (failure)

2.    Figure out why you want it!
Who are you doing it for? Yourself or someone else, if it’s the former alone this could cause you to run into trouble! If the latter or a combination of the two will help keep your goals on track!

Examine your reasons, mull them over write them down and keep them handy! Shallow reasons, will make your goals less relevant.

3.    Want it!
Are you hungry enough? If you really, really, really want to do some thing chances are you will, the problem comes with sticking to it!

Remind your self of this initial hunger and use it push yourself along when you’re suffering from the dreaded de-motivation lergy!

4.    Set small and realistic goals
Set itsy, bitsy goals and gradually increase them, climbing a hill when you’re struggling is a lot easier than climbing a mountain!

For example if you need to build up your fitness for a 5k run. Start off with 5 minute runs every other day for a week, and then the next week increase this to 10 mins ect. This way you’ll be running 5k in no time!

5.    Stick em up!
Out of sight is out of mind! So keep your goals where you can see em. Write what you hope to achieve on post-it note and stick it on your computer, on the mirror, on the biscuit tin where ever you go most…..

This is will definitely keep the process of achieving your goal in mind and keep you feeling fired up!

6.    Tell everyone
Go on :) this really does help you’ll be surprised at how much encouragement and support you will receive.

It’s also a lot harder to renege on doing some thing once you’ve blabbed!

This point in particular will keep you going when on your journey to success because it will bring your goal into the forefront of the minds of others minds and subsequently to yours.

7.    Don’t do it alone
If possible embark on your journey with a group of like-minded people, doing this will provide you with extra support. It will also enable you to give a little support and encouragement to others!

Having the chance to discuss any issues and simply having someone around who understands makes all the difference!

8.    One thing at a time
I’m sure there are a trillion things you’ve set out for yourself to do and haven’t got around to. Well just pick one, and when that’s done pick another… One step at a time.

Overwhelming yourself with stuff, is never a good thing.  Committing to a single goal will not only increase your motivation levels it will allow you to stay close to your initial motivations!

9.    Just do it!
 “What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.” – Goethe
Why put off, what you can do today! Don’t intellectualise it, don’t think about it just get on with it!


1.    Read inspiring stories
Seek out stories of inspirational people who have already completed the feat you have set yourself!  This will no doubt light a fire under you! If they can do it, so can you!

2.    Read about it!
Maintain an active interest in pursuing your goal, find out all there is to know, this will keep the task in the forefront of your mind and push you towards your end goal

3.    Speak with like-minded people
In the words of the late Michael Jackson: “You are not alone” Unless you’re some kind of record setter and even then you’re probably not the first person to do this!  Even just a general chat with someone who has done it, or someone who is in the same boat as you can help to refocus your mind back onto your goals.

Don’t know anyone? Get on a forum and have a chat there!

4.    Be positive! Kill negative thoughts
There is nothing that positive thinking cannot solve, where there is will there is a way. Ignore those gremlins that tell you: “You can’t do it” and especially ones that think of reasons why you cant do it!

My gremlins are especially devious they say things like: ”You’ve had a bad day, you should relax and not go for your run”, or “You’re tired and it’s been a long, long week so  and a load off”. But then I muster up my inner gremlin slayer, focus on the prize and get going!

5.    Recognise your urges to quit!
Recognise your urges to quit get to know them, overcome and conquer them!
6.    Get excited again!
Remember why you set the goal in the first place! What was the reason again? How did you feel when you set you sights on that end goal and how did you feel when you kept getting a little closer to it!

Conjure up those feelings! And think about how good it will feel to get to your end goal! Can you almost taste it? Good, now get going :)

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