Anxiety? – Take Action!

Here are some things that you can do you to put you in a better place and a better frame of mind for dealing anxiety and panic attacks:

Know yourself! I didn’t even really know I was anxious! The first step is recognising that you are anxious and what brings it on (if anything at all). When you are able to recognise what’s happening to you, it makes it a lot easier to do something about it!

Change the record! I say this because its sooo easy to get trapped in a negative mind-set! For me it might sound something like, “I’m on the train and I think I might be sick” (panic rising), “It’s too packed on here and I can’t get off” (panic increasing), “there are so many people, I don’t feel good” (overload!). This for me can play over and over and over in my mind until I get off the train whether I’m at my stop or not!  It’s like a broken record.  So know what you’re doing and coax your mind onto another record.

Also, challenge your inner-self and if that doesn’t work distract yourself with a book  or a game on your phone, anything. These negative mind processes make things worse, get rid of them!

Diet! Yes, yes, yes, I know, everything seems to be fixed with healthy eating these days! But a lot of people who suffer from anxiety are low in magnesium which is found in green leafy plants.  If you can’t bring yourself to eat well then take a vitamin! Honestly, take care of yourself, if you wont who will? Too much alcohol and caffeine are asking for trouble. A nice glass of red wine over dinner during the evening is fine but getting tanked up on booze after spending the whole day staying awake with umpteen coffees if bad for anyone, let alone someone with bad nerves!

Breathe! Sounds simple eh? When you’re wound up your breathing goes funny and this means that your body doesn’t get the oxygen its needs to function properly. Ultimately this makes you feel a lot worse.  Yoga is great for making you mindful of how you breathe, it can also help you to regain control when you think you might be about to descend into a panic attack.

Exercise I know another eye rolling homage to the virtues of exercise! But really the benefits are endless! It could even be walking for 15 mins during your lunch break or when you get home, the fresh air will also help to clear your mind and help to restore your temperament to its natural level.  The boost from the serotonin also wouldn’t hurt not to mention the fat burning you get from light exercise.

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