Do your tweets give away how unhappy you are?

Do you think it’s only your face, tone of voice and body language that give away your true feelings?  Well new research shows that your tweets also mirror how you feel!

The international explosion of twitter has prompted a considerable amount of research into what scientists can learn by looking at these tweets.

New research by an an integrated marketing communications agency in Singapore monitored the tweets of a thousand people and they found that men where happier than women!

They also found that work, health and various consumer products were triggers for the most negative and unhappy tweets. But for women it was work that made them most unhappy, with 25% of their unhappy tweets being about their employment.

So could it be that men are just happier than women?  A different research report recently claimed that fathers are happier than mothers.

The research is compelling but, I’m sure there would be a lot of women out there who would argue that the have a lot more on their plat than their male counterparts.

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