Too much happiness can make you racist!

Too much happiness can make you racist! – 03/04/2012

Most people strive for happiness and rightly so, but according to new research too much happiness can be detrimental to your health, emotional well-being and make you prone to racism!

New research has come to light explaining that happiness should be experienced in moderation (something that isn’t hard for most people).

June Gruber, a professor of psychology at Yale University has studied happiness and compared happiness to food.  She explains that food is a prerequisite for life but too much food can kill you, similarly too much happiness is just as bad.

Gruber goes on to comment: “Research indicates that very high levels of positive feelings predict risk-taking behaviours, excess alcohol and drug consumption, binge eating, and may lead us to neglect threats,”

But it doesn’t end there, renowned happiness psychologist Edward Diener conducted research showing that people happier in early life are less likely to finish school and find happiness in later life.  I guess there’s a reason for miserable teenagers!

People who are happier also earn less than there miserable counterparts!  Diener mentions that this is because happy people are less likely to seek promotion or higher paying jobs.

There is also research to show that sad people are more conscientious, have a finer eye for detail and are more likely to stereotype people according to sex or race.

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