Happiness can make you successful – and vise versa!

According to research happy people: have better marriages, better relationships, good health, earn more and live longer!

If you’re thinking that sounds great, but what about me, I want those things.  Then you’re in luck  there are a number of characteristics, listed in the research that are found in successful and happy people that are easy to adopt!

The research in this area is plentiful and scientists have recently been toiling over this subject with considerable vigor.  Essentially they’ve come to the conclusion that happiness can make you successful and success can make you happy.  The research examining the link between happiness and success indicates that they are interchangeable, which is great news for us normal folk if one way isn’t working you can try the other!

Research explains that happy people have high levels of ‘positive affect’.  People high in positive affect, embody characteristics that are abundant in successful people.  These characteristics include optimism, energy, originality, and altruism to name but a few.

But the benefit of taking a direct approach to happiness doesn’t end there.  Research shows that happier people are more able to cope with hardship, negative emotions and all the unexpected things life often throws our way.

What to do:

Make the conscious decision to activity embody the characteristics of happier more success people. To do this you could:

  • Start by thinking positively, optimism is an attractive quality and people will be draw to what you have to say.  Also, people who remain optimistic find solutions to problems instead of barriers.
  • Be grateful, (mentioned frequently on this website) it goes hand in-hand with positivity and can quite often lead to contentment and bestow the ability to view the bigger picture.
  • Apathy never won any medals: Pursue your chosen goals with an exuberance and energy and vigor.  More often than, people can be swept away with energy and enthusiasm of others and this can be seen as a good thing in all aspects of life…..
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