Happiness is in your genes!

Do you some times marvel at the people who always seem to be happy? Well, new research shows that a third of your happiness levels is dependent upon your genes!

Scientists at the London School of Economics have identified genes that could be responsible for at least 30% of how happy you feel!

The science suggests that naturally happy people have a gene that boosts the absorption of Serotonin, our happy hormone.  So in theory these seemingly perpetually happy people get more out of the happy hormone than most!

Although scientists cannot say for sure which genes are solely responsible for happiness or feeling of well-being, there is a set of genes that has received much attention in the genetics/happiness world i.e. the gene that controls the absorption of Serotonin and thus happiness.

If you are unlucky enough to have a dud happiness gene there is still a whopping 60% of your happiness that you can control, through your choices in life.  Such as being mindful, eating well and exercising regularly.

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