Happiness: Its all about getting RESPECT!

The age-old dictum – money doesn’t make you happy has been proved to be true by researchers yet again!

Although most of us are quite skeptical about how happy or not money can make us. The research is quite clear that, up to a point money is not the answer to happiness. But psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley suggest that a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T might be the answer!

Researchers at the university conducted four experiments into the effect of social standing on happiness.  They found that having a high standing on your social ladder leads to receiving more respect, having more influence, and being more integrated in the group’s social fabric.  And its this, that makes the difference in being happy or being unhappy.

Cameron Anderson, a psychologist working on the study, said “One of the reasons why money doesn’t buy happiness is that people quickly adapt to the new level of income or wealth. Lottery winners, for example, are initially happy but then return to their original level of happiness quickly,”

I’m not sure where this latest piece of research would leave us normal folk, in terms of wanting to increase our happiness levels.  But I guess the advice would be to stop chasing the money and become more involved with your friends, family and in your general community. So lets get involved!


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