Optimism is good for your health!

Adopting a sunnier approach in life could not only improve your happiness levels but also your immune system! 

It’s not entirely clear how, but it has long been accepted that optimism can have enormous benefits on many facets of health and wellbeing.  For example, studies have shown that people who were optimistic about pending heart transplant surgery recovered better than doom and gloom, glass half empty patients.

Scientists Suzanne Segerstrom of the University of Kentucky and Sandra Sephton of the University of Louisville.  Studied the link the between optimism and health in an attempt to learn more about how optimism (or the lack off) can affect health.

The study involved testing optimism levels in Law students over a semester and then testing their ability to fight viral infections. To do this, the students were injected with a solution containing a virus that would produce a large bump if they had a significant immune response to the virus.

The students were each tested five times.  Interestingly, the scientist found that the immune systems waxed and waned in accordance with their perceived optimism about their Law course.  So the more positive their outlook the bigger the lump at the injection site, because of the increased immune system response.

 So I guess the moral is, to perk up and get some rose coloured glasses because it could benefit your immune system whether you’re a law student or not!

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