Parents are happier than people without children

According to new research couples with children are happier and more fulfilled than non parents.

The research tested whether parents were happier overall, whether they were happier on a moment-by-moment basis or whether they were simply happier when taking care of their children.

The research carried out by psychologists at the University of British Columbia conflicts with most of the research in parental happiness.  Most of the research in this area claim that parenting massively reduces happiness and well-being. Which has led to the widely held misconception that most parents are miserable.

Although the research goes a long way to vindicate parents who would swear by their increased happiness after having children.  It does mention that this is not the case for everyone.  Age and marital status are significant factors in whether parents where happier than non parents.

Those under 26 and single parents report lower levels of happiness than those without children.  It is thought that this can be attributed to lower levels of social support, financial situation and life experience.

However another interesting fact coming out of this study is that fathers are happier and more fulfilled than childless men!

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