Texting can boost happiness!

Texting can boost happiness! – 13/04/2012

New research has shown that sending and receiving text messages can actually improve your mood if you’re depressed.

Texting has been unpopular the ‘grown ups’ and has been blamed for everything from illiteracy to car crashes. Researchers at the University of California have now found texting had fantastic mood lifting benefits in depressed patients.

One patient told study author Professor Adrian Aguilera: “When I was in a difficult situation and I received a message, I felt much better. I felt cared for and supported. My mood even improved.”

But this isn’t limited to depressed patients, clinical psychologist and author of the study, Professor Adrian Aguilera, believes everyone experiences an uplift in their mood when they receive or respond to a text message from a friend or family member.

This isn’t the first study to come up with such a notion, previous research has found that receiving texts or BlackBerry messages produces a natural endorphin rush, which can make constant mobile phone checking addictive.

Professor Aguilera’s research focused on patients with mental health problems. ‘The people I wanted to impact directly didn’t have as much access to computers and the internet,’ he says. ‘So I thought about using mobile phones to send text messages to remind them to practice the skills covered in therapy sessions.’ Three-quarters reported an improvement in mood.

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