Ways to be happy


Be outrageously positive! When we focus on the positive this increases our mood and our confidence.

Think, when someone asks you if you’ve had a bad day, don’t launch into a monologue about all the bad things that have happened.  Instead respond with “I feel amazing thanks” and sooner rather than later you will start to believe it.

Author Pauline Rawson of Being Positive writes; “There are many benefits of being positive, greater confidence in yourself, greater self control, higher self worth and no see-sawing of emotion.”

Research also shows that positive people live longer, receive better pay rises, have more friends and make better leaders!

Being positive is a habit and one that can be easily adopted and with immediate benefits to your overall well-being!


Be Grateful! When you have a moment think of all the things you are grateful for, you’ll be surprised at just how many things there are.

There is a massive body of research showing that people who are grateful are less stressed, less depressed and generally more satisfied. There are also numerous studies to suggest that grateful people are more likely to have higher levels of happiness!

If you have time and feeling particularly grateful you could write a letter to loved one, family, member or a friend explaining why you are grateful for having them in your life! A study by Seligman et. Al 2005 showed that a group of patients who wrote and delivered grateful letters to loved ones increased their happiness by 10% when they did this!


Walking, yes walking is great for the mind body and soul. It has wonderful health benefits, lifts the mood, improves sleep and burns calories.

Research shows that walking 30 minutes a day can drastically improve your and sense of wellbeing.  The British Journal of Sports Science found that the mood of depressed patients walking 30 minutes a day improved quicker than patients on antidepressants. Where as a California State Uni­ver­sity, Long Beach, study showed that the more steps people took during the day, the better their moods were.

It also serves as a form of meditation, so if you’ve had a bad day, walk-it off.  The activity of walking focuses the mind on the surrounding environment and can help to erase a bad day!

The health benefits are endless it burns calories which can help to keep you trim, lowers blood pressure, lowers joint pressure, reduces risk of stokes and heart attacks.  It also reduces the risk of getting Alzheimer’s just to mention but a few.

Now I’m not saying you’re depressed or that you should walk 30 minutes a day, but imagine how good you would feel if you walked 10-15 minutes a day with a so-so mood!