What do your Tweets say about you?

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Not sure if you’re happy? Well have a look at your last Tweet! New research has shown that the way and what you Tweet can indicate your happiness and well-being levels.

The use of social media such as Twitter has been used by Scientists to accurately determine happiness and well-being levels.

Scientists from University College London (UCL) have shown that the way people write their tweets can reveal their happy levels.  They also showed that they could measure the happiness levels of entire communities by monitoring their Tweets!

The study, conducted in London, which is the highest Twitter using country in the whole word. Showed that people who are happier in their lives used an increased amount of positive language and express happier sentiment in their Tweets than those who were unhappy.

Essentially UCL bods argue that someone’s life in the off line world affects how they interact on the on-line world and it’s this that can be used to measure happiness.

So if you’d like a little more happiness in your life start thinking, speaking and Tweeting positively!  Fake it till you feel it! :)

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